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Surviving Eight Week Sessions

You can accomplish a lot in eight weeks’ time. Perhaps you could train for a 5k run or learn the basics of a different language. One could probably get through about four seasons of a series on Netflix, or you could even learn how to cook!  But when you think of eight weeks’ time, you probably don’t think of accomplishing your college courses. This might sound intimidating, but at Grace College, we do just that!

There are several reasons why eight-week sessions can benefit you in the long run. A big reason is that having eight-week sessions could mean an early graduation date—and by early, I mean a whole year early! You might be thinking, “I just got out of high school. Why would I want to rush college?” But graduating early has several perks, and graduating in three years at Grace is very common. Graduating early can put you ahead of the game because future employers will see your dedication, which gives you an advantage. Graduating in three years can also open the door to some great internship opportunities. Plus, you can save tons of money, and who doesn’t want to do that?


Eight-week sessions are usually smaller in class size, which means you get more interaction, discussion time, and one-on-one relationship with your professor. The professors at Grace understand that you have a lot of information coming at you fast, which is why they work with you and help every step of the way.

Take it from someone who has done the eight-week sessions. I loved them. It can be done. I enjoyed starting a new subject every eight weeks. I always felt challenged, and I got to meet new people during each session. This opened many doors for me. I was able to get my foot in the door with several organizations through internships that the eight-week sessions allowed me to experience.

I also got to experience classes that I otherwise wouldn’t have taken. One was a journalism class. I never thought I would like designing a newspaper or learning the ins and outs of the way a paper company works, but it was one of my favorite classes.

The awesome part is that you aren’t alone through this. There are so many ways to get help throughout the sessions, including late-night study breaks, paper help at the writing lab in the library, and all-nighters with friends—because what would college be without that!

The eight-week sessions were a huge blessing for me. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Even when things seemed overwhelming, I remember how much relying on God got me through. It was during those times that I remembered my strength comes from God. It isn’t always easy, and there are times when eight weeks just doesn’t seem long enough. However, pushing through, working hard, and knowing you have professors and friends to help you through makes it all worthwhile. Plus, at the end of every session, it is so rewarding to look back and see what you accomplished!

Grace College not only makes eight-week sessions possible, but they truly make the experience beneficial and fun.

Photo of Shelby Cook, Grace College studentBy: Shelby Cook, Grace College Student 

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