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Timothy Hempel

Timothy Hempel

Artist’s statement

In a child’s mind, there is no clear line between that which is real and that which is fantasy. A simple cloud becomes a dragon and a car ride becomes a journey through time and space. That child-like wonder is what I try to capture in my daily life.

To me, there is no reason that the worlds of play and practicality have to be separate. In every bit of darkness in life, there should be a little light; in every bit of gray there should be a pop of color. That duality, the one that separates the practical mind from the childish one, is what motivates my creative process.

I firmly believe there is a part of all of us that wants nothing more than to pursue every adventure we had in our minds as a child. Maybe we cannot all make a rocket fly, and yet we have all wanted to fly to the moon. My art is designed to speak to that part of people. Not the busy man on Wall Street but the child inside of him that never gave up on his dream of wielding a lightsaber. It is my hope that I can remind them that their imagination still has power in the midst of their routine lives.