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Madeline Gray

Madeline Gray

Artist Statement


My main source of inspiration is my faith. I believe in a Creator God through whom all things are made. The world is a vast and beautiful space, and I want to show that beauty through each work I create.

My photographs relate to the natural world and the amazing details found there. Each picture captures a moment in time or place that has significant meaning to me personally, and I try to capture that in all my images.

Family and friends are often the inspiration behind my works, as well as powerful emotions I have experienced in recent years. One of my photos, “Stress,” conveys the weight of sadness brought by the pandemic upon society, particularly students Another photo, “London,” was created with my hometown in mind. Not all of my works include a poem, but they still show moments or places dear to my heart.

I take my camera with me on every trip I take, excitedly waiting for the moment inspiration strikes. I want my work to show how wondrous and beautiful this world can be. Each photograph is taken and edited with care, to show each detail in its fullest potential. Photography is a powerful tool used to share beautiful places around the world, and utilizing this tool is my passion.