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Katie Miller

Katie Miller

Artist Statement


As a photographer, I strive to capture the authentic radiance that God so uniquely gave to each individual hence my business name being Authentic Radiance. We cannot fully be the person God created us to be unless we are comfortable in who we are and are eager to show the world what makes us different. This does not happen unless we feel loved, beautiful, worthy, and confident. That is what I try to reveal to each client in order for them to realize the beautiful Authentic Radiance that is so naturally within themselves. 

These photos propose exactly that. My style pertains more to natural scenery and posing that is candid, comfortable, and fun in order to pull out the natural expressions of each person. The post-processing then works to highlight the warmer tones, lighten the various colors, and deepen the contrast to enhance the original content of the image and create a lighthearted and joyful mood.  

Overall, it is my honor to photograph something that God so perfectly put together: He is the author, I am just the photographer. I invite you to reflect upon ways that you are unique in order to reveal your Authentic Radiance to those around you; people need your light.