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Christian Cardoza

Christian Cardoza

Artist Statement:


We can learn something from anybody, good or bad. That is a tenet I hold dear to my heart, and I like to showcase that idea through a lot of my photography. I am inspired by realism and storytelling; those two principles are key foundational pieces to my work. One of the ways I execute my principle of storytelling is by creating a story through my color grading. I will create a tone and mood with a specific color scheme that coincides with the subject, setting, and perspective of the picture to help push the story to a greater length. My inspiration of realism entices me to shoot photographs of people in the moment and for them to be either outfitted in congruence with their surroundings or to purposely stand out.

People are common subjects in my photography. People run the world, so I am intrigued by who they are and how they act, including animals. Through my imagery I like to dissect those intricacies by accentuating their personalities and uniqueness. Humans and animals are the foundations of stories because they are living beings that interact and affect the world more often than any other thing. Their non-stagnant nature and wide variety of personalities can add a lot more meaning to a photograph than an inanimate object.

The setting around the subject has about as much importance to the picture as does the subject, so I try to have good special awareness when I shoot. I often like to showcase a good portion of the setting so that the viewer can gain more context of the subject in congruence with its environment. Pictures that do not take advantage of color when applicable I can appreciate; however, I usually feel there is more left to be desired. I make sure my pictures on average are very saturated and vibrant to add more wonder to my photography. Lastly, I tend to center the subject in the middle to emphasize the personality of the subject or configure the frame in a way to create nice symmetry and balance that is pleasing to the eye.