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Brandy Greenamyer

Brandy Greenamyer

Artist Statement 


I grew up in a small rural town which seemed too small for me to do anything and everybody around me had big dreams. I found myself comparing everything I had and did to everyone else. I felt that I wasn’t cool enough, athletic enough, and pretty enough. I wanted to see myself as beautiful but couldn’t even when others told me I was. I later discovered photography and how I can show others their beauty and the beauty around them.

By leaving my portrait photos raw, unedited, and natural I hope this helps viewers see their own beauty the way the world sees them. I hope they feel comfortable enough to smile big and strike a silly pose. 

After traveling to many places the past couple of years, I have started to appreciate the natural beauty in landscapes and nature. The photos I have taken on these trips, I also leave unedited so people can see what I saw in that moment the photo was taken. I want them to feel the warmth from the sun on my face and the wind rushing through my hair as I take a picture of a national monument.

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” -Brad Montague