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Reasons You Should Consider Grace College

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We understand that college might not be for everyone. There might be a reason why you consider not pursuing higher education. Maybe you believe college is too expensive. You might have a good job already. Or perhaps you lack a plan for the future. You may have another reason in mind, but whatever the reason, Grace College is here to help you with your search. Here are some reasons why Grace College might be the school for you.

Earn $500 More Per Week 

Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket each week? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you could be cheating yourself out of 500 extra dollars a week by not choosing to get a degree. That equates to an extra million dollars in your pocket over your lifetime.

Three Years for a Bachelor’s Degree

The cost of college is on everyone’s minds these days. By joining the accelerated program here at Grace College, you can receive a bachelor’s degree in three years. That saves you 25% on your tuition. Less time means less money spent on receiving your degree, and more money in your pocket.

Four Years for a Master’s Degree

Not only can you earn your bachelor’s degree, with one extra year of school you will earn your master’s degree. You will graduate with two degrees in the same amount of time that it takes students at other schools to graduate with one.

99% of Undergraduates Receive Financial Aid

Think that college is too expensive? We can help you make it affordable. Our Admissions Staff is here for you. We want to make college a possible choice for everyone.

Grace Placement Promise 

Here at Grace College, we want our students to be successful. That is why we have our Placement Promise. If you do not find employment or gain acceptance into a graduate school within six months of graduating, you may be eligible for an additional year of tuition-free education.

Easy to Apply (No Fees, No Essay)

Sometimes applying for a college can be a hassle. We want to make it as simple as possible. Just tell us about yourself. No need to put in a credit card or worry about writing an essay to apply. It is commitment-free and takes ten minutes to fill out. You can also give us a call and let us know how we can help you through this decision-making process.


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