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Part-Time Instructor, Spanish

Grace Seeks Part-Time Instructor, Spanish

Please follow the application process below. If you have any questions, please email Employment or call 574–372–5100, ext. 6080.

Part-Time Instructor, Spanish

Application Process

Step 1: Please carefully read both the Covenant of Faith (PDF) and the Community Lifestyle Statement (noted on the application) before completing the employment application. Agreement with the Covenant of Faith, along with a commitment to our Community Lifestyle Statement forms the foundation of the employment relationship.

Step 2: Download the appropriate Employment Application for printing.

Step 3: Download the Reference Request Forms and print two copies of the Reference Request Form and one copy of the Spiritual Life Reference form. Please send these forms to those individuals acting as your reference source. Two references need to come from former employers. One reference should be a Spiritual Life reference. For questions about reference sources, read the Reference Request Policy.

Reference Request Policy


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