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How to Make Decisions when Decisions are Hard

It’s referred to as paralysis by analysis. This is a common ailment for people when they find they have many options. And it’s not a bad thing. Just ask someone who feels as if they have no options and they will tell you freedom is better.

But how do we make choices when the options are endless? These decisions are made even more difficult when it comes to the big decisions in life. Choosing a double cheeseburger over a salad will impact your evening, but the effects can be overcome within a day. But choosing a spouse, for example, will have repercussions far past the weekend.

Often there are multiple good choices to be made.1 So how do you make a choice when there is not a right or wrong answer? How do you keep from becoming frozen by forever pondering and never deciding? While we could have chosen lots of good answers, we think the following will equip you to make good decisions.

Understand the End Game

Students at CommencementBegin with the end in mind, right? The first step is knowing your purpose. This will also help you determine how important the decision is. For instance, the difference between choosing a college and shopping for socks. It’s not that covering your toes isn’t important, but people don’t commemorate it and place a reminder of their achievement on the wall.

Keeping your target in front of you will help you know how much time to spend on the decision. Buying an ill-fitting pair of socks is an inconvenience. But finding yourself at a college where you feel out of place will have ripples of impact.

Know Your Options

The next step in making any choice is knowing what all the options are. Unless you are purchasing a unique piece of art from the Renaissance, chances are you have choices. Lots of them. Who hasn’t at least looked on Amazon to see if there was a cheaper option on their major purchase?

Making a list of important factors and details can be helpful here. List them out and then do your research. If you’re choosing a college, their website is a good place to begin. Find out what majors they offer, what they believe, where they are located, how much they cost, and how awesome their Admissions Team is. Doing the research is a biblical practice.

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? ~Luke 14:28

Once you’ve done some research, begin to narrow it down. “Having too many options can lead to further frustration. Remove the clutter to free you up to make a decision.”2

Look Under the Bed

Any parent can tell you if a child has really cleaned their room by how long they spent on the chore. It takes a lot longer to find a proper place for everything than it does to shove it all under the bed. Sure, the room looks nice at first peek, but what will happen when the child needs the article of clothing, now hidden and forgotten and out of sight?

This is why we invite people to join us on the campus of Grace College in Winona Lake. Besides being a beautiful place to live, we love being able to show what we can do for students. You can schedule a visit by clicking the link below. Come see our newly renovated Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex. Check out the benefits of being invited to our Presidential Scholarship Competition. Find out why we’re so confident in your ability to get a job after graduation that we offer a Placement Promise.

Do you have a big decision looming? Give us a call and let us know how we can make that decision easier.



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