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How do I find a job during COVID – 19?

If you are a graduating senior in college, I’m sure you’re scratching your head right now and asking, what now? Not only has the global pandemic stolen your last semester, but it’s also sent you on a tail-spinning entrance to the job market. The infamous question, “what are you doing after you graduate?” has a new challenge to it this year. But don’t worry, we’ve assembled a list of steps to help you find a job during COVID – 19. Follow this advice, and utilize these resources to get your foot in the door to your career!

Be Action-Oriented

The truth is, these times are unprecedented. (And don’t you wish you could have a vacation day for every time you’ve heard that phrase?) A lot of the job search practices pre-coronavirus have taken a new shape and form. Our advice? Take these changes in stride and adapt. Take the bull by the horns and ask yourself, how do I position myself to be a desirable hire now that the “online era” is in full swing. Be gritty, tenacious, and determined as you approach the ever-changing job market.

If you had a job or an internship in place before the global pandemic hit, don’t let that credibility go to waste. You can leverage your canceled internship or job by including this in your cover letter or resume. Let your potential employer know that other companies see value in you!  It is better to be transparent about the COVID-19 experience than to leave a gap on your resume.

Be Very Practical 

This is key. And if we are being honest, this might feel counterintuitive to what you have been trained to do. But given the current employment culture, you need to pivot away from some of the exclusive jobs and specific companies you had in mind. If the jobs aren’t there, they just aren’t there. Adopt a practical approach and align your job search with organizations that are still hiring. Remember, your compromise today will set you up for long-term success!  

Utilize These Resources

This process can be stressful. You might feel like you don’t know where to start. But there are a lot of resources out there that can provide a great deal of help.

1. College Recruiter Videos: These free videos are designed to help those who have not yet started their job search, those who are in the midst of it, or those who already have a job but are afraid of losing it.

2. There are several articles that have been written to keep you connected with who’s hiring and who is not. You can start with the ones we’ve listed below.


The Muse 

Fast Company                 


3. Follow Federal and State government’s hiring status. This will help guide you to know certain geographic locations to target and avoid.

4. Follow #GetHired on LinkedIn to get real-time information about companies that are hiring.

Look for Virtual Jobs

With individual mobility being hindered by travel restrictions, many companies will likely embrace remote work in the near future. If a virtual job is something that you would enjoy, now is the time to apply! Check out the following websites to find remote opportunities:

On top of these suggestions we’ve provided, there are several things that you can always be doing in the job search, global pandemic or not. As you are waiting to hear back from applications, continue to network! You can find tips on how to do this here. Also, take some time to update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or your Handshake profile. Keeping these resources fresh and relevant is a simple, yet productive step in the job-search process. 

These COVID-19 career recommendations and resources have been put together by Grace College’s Center for Career Connections

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