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How do I choose a business school?

Al Grossnickle with Business College programs at Grace College

How do I choose a business school?

This is a question that countless aspiring businessmen and businesswomen ask every day. In fact, many practicing executives are asking the same question. Whether it be an accountant wanting to advance in her career through an MBA or a high school student dreaming of a future in entrepreneurship, choosing the right School of Business is an important next step in reaching those goals. You will find that there are plenty of voices that weigh in on the answer to this question. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a one-stop checklist to aid you in your search for a business school.

Achievements of the Alumni

A good place to start is looking at the graduates of the business school. Where are they working? What is their role? Are they approaching their job with a greater sense of purpose? 

The proof is in the pudding as they say. If you see alumni landing great jobs with good salaries, that is most likely the product of a good business school. And be sure to evaluate a range of alumni. What jobs do the 20-somethings land after graduation? What are the graduates of 1990 doing today?

A recent accounting and MBA graduate, Jamin Parker, landed a job with the fifteenth largest company in the world right after graduating. Read about his experience at Mercedes Benz in Atlanta, Georgia here

Rob Delp, another School of Business graduate, found long-term success in the thriving orthopaedic industry right here in Winona Lake. “Since graduating from Grace College, the Lord’s journey for me has included a challenging and fulfilling 23-year career in orthopaedics and being promoted to the president of the Americas for Zimmer Biomet. The education I received at Grace prepared me for my current career and strengthened me as a working professional, shaping my personal relationship with God and the world,” Delp said. 

If a school doesn’t have successful alumni to vouch for its program, we recommend you keep looking!

Quality Professors

The next step is to do some research on the professors. Ultimately, you just scratch the surface of learning during college so you want to learn from people who have plenty of real-world experience.

Professor Ken McEwan, our Assistant Professor of Finance came to Grace following a 32-year finance career with a global aerospace corporation. Prof McEwan’s corporate experience includes roles as Finance Director, Vice President of Finance, and Controller. He analyzed mergers and acquisitions, developed tactical plans after the September 11 terrorists’ attacks, and executed financial strategies for long-term growth and profitability. This is the kind of experience you want to learn from! 

Another thing to consider is, are the professors published? What topics have they studied in-depth? If these specialties align with your goals and values, then perhaps you’ve found a match! 

Dr. Roger Stichter, our professor of Accounting has written and published two books; “The Principle of Maximums: Living with Enough to Give Away More,” and “Devotionals from Accounting Classes.” These books demonstrate Stichter’s passions as a professor: viewing money as a means of generosity and providing spiritual guidance to his students. 

We’ve named a couple of the great professors in Grace College’s School of Business, but all of them carry impressive resumes and have a passion to engage with their students. You can browse our professor profiles here. We encourage you to meet with them on a campus visit. Who knows? That meeting could shape your decision

Real-world projects

Understanding business theory and conducting business research is critical to a well-rounded education, but this has to be matched with hands-on experience. At some schools, the real-world practice can be forgotten in the mix, but at Grace, applied learning projects are key to our students’ success! 

Check out how our Agribusiness students wowed Humanity & Hope United Foundation with a business plan to create new revenue streams in rural Honduras here.

And read about how our Digital Marketing class recently partnered with five community businesses here.

Job/Internship Opportunities

Speaking of partnering with community businesses, make sure that your business school is well-connected. If the school has a good reputation, corporations will vie after its graduates. Take Noah Cole for example. Noah was a Sport Management major who landed a job with the Indianapolis Colts because of his connections at Grace. 

It’s also a good idea to find a school that is located in an economically thriving area. Kosciusko County has over 260 businesses and organizations that partner with us to provide students with internship opportunities. And because of the Fortune 500 orthopaedic companies in the area, the internships are often paid and salaries are high for many of our business majors. 

One of Grace’s recent Marketing graduates, Laura Hoke, is a testament to this. As a student, one of her professors connected her with an internship at a local orthopaedic company. The internship led to a full-time job and a salary increase that paved the way for radical generosity. Read more here.

Another way we connect students with job opportunities is through our annual Accounting Career Fair. This fair gives our accounting students the chance to sit with accounting firm representatives and interview for open positions on the spot!

Extra-curricular opportunities

Beyond the expectations of the classroom, it’s good to have experiences that supplement your coursework. At Grace, we have numerous activities, clubs, and projects to get involved in as a business major. We’ve listed several of these below:

Business Plan Competition– An annual competition which gives student entrepreneurs the chance at $13,000 to launch their business dreams

-Oikonomia Fellowship- A club that centers on stewardship discussion and discovery

-Women in the Workplace- A female-only business club

VITA Program– A team of students that provides free tax preparation service for the community

-I-69 Challenge- An annual competition where five regional colleges compete to solve social issues with for-profit solutions

Believe it or not–we are just scratching the surface on our School of Business. 

We could tell story after story about our current students, our alumni, our professors, and the rippling impact the program has had on our greater community. If you are interested in the Grace College School of Business, email Our admissions counselors will help you get on your way to a life of impact in the business world!

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