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Graduating From Grace College is Our G.O.A.L. for You Too

It was 2013. The goal was to graduate with a college degree in communications. The plan was to do so in three years. These were both possible at Grace College, where 29.5% of freshmen complete their studies in just three years.

Surprised by Relationships

If Adriana thought she was simply signing up for coursework, she was about to be surprised. Adriana admitted that being away at college was sometimes a struggle, with her family half a globe away. However, her Grace College experience proved to be much more than going to classes and completing assignments. Relationships built with other students, a local church, and many professors made this an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

“When Professor J.D. Woods, Associate Professor of Art, heard [of one particularly tough season] he took time off of work to have lunch at Alpha [Dining Commons] with me. It really made a huge difference for me.” ~Adriana

After spending one year teaching second grade in Shanghai, China, Adriana is now an art teacher at a Christian school in Honduras. Her life-changing experience at Grace is not unique among Grace students.

Thankful for Education

Sarah Smith, a 2012 graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling and a double minor in Biblical Studies and Missions, was also deeply impacted by her time at Grace College. She received her diploma in four years, something 69.3% of freshmen are able to do at Grace, compared with a national standard of 38.7%.

Citing the strength of relationships built over her four years at Grace, Sarah is also thankful for the educational foundation she received.

“Dr. Peugh was an incredible professor for teaching me about prayer, leadership, mentorship, missions, and compassionate ministry with others. Dr. Edgington deeply shaped my love of psychology and my ability to see science and psychology through a biblical lens.” ~Sarah

Sarah now works in Human Resources at Allstate insurance company and loves knowing that her college experience has had a direct impact on her success in life.

Both Adriana and Sarah were able to complete their college goals in the traditional three or four years. But what about the many students who do not? 61.3% of college freshmen, nationwide, do not complete college in four years. 49.5% are not able to do so, even in six years. Does Grace College have an answer for those who are trying to balance career and family?

In fact, that is exactly what the GOAL program aims to do. Grace Opportunities for Adult Learners (GOAL) offers a degree completion program for those who interrupted their higher education for work, family, or other commitments. It is offered with an eye towards helping people reach their goals while maintaining their current responsibilities.

If you are considering college for the first time or contemplating a return to complete your degree, check out the many opportunities at Grace College.



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