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Real Growth in Grace College Students

Growth in Students: College is about more than academics—it prepares students for the real world and teaches them invaluable life lessons. It’s also a pivotal time of personal growth and development. At Grace College, our mission is to build student’s character, strengthen their competence, and prepare them for a life of service after graduation.

It’s More than Academic Growth

We asked 5 of our students to review their experience at Grace College, and here’s what they had to say.

“I have lived in the Winona Lake area my entire life. Initially, I did not want to stay in the area, but after taking a visit and having multiple discussions with Coach Kessler (Grace College men’s basketball coach), I decided it would be a great fit for me. Soon after, I realized how many things I took for granted in this area. I have had an awesome college experience in a beautiful town, and made friendships that will last a lifetime along the way. I know I am where I am supposed to be.

-Tim Swanson (B.A. Marketing/Psychology, 2019)

“It’s been very exciting to watch the progress and innovation that Grace is making with the new Aspire Campaign. Since Grace has personally played such a major role in developing strong technical skills necessary for me to succeed in the workforce, as well as instruction and growth spiritually, I am honored to be part of an institution that strives to improve and faithfully continue to fulfill their mission.

God is doing great things at Grace College, and I pray that He continues to bless this school and change people’s lives as a result.”

-Ben Tucker (B.S. Applied Physics/Mechanical Engineering Management, 2017)

“I love being at Grace. One thing I love is the friendships that I have built throughout my time here. I know that I have support from them anytime, whether I’m having a great day or not. The community at Grace has impacted me, and continues to do so.

-Chloe Mann (B.A. Communication, 2018)


“I am so grateful the Lord brought me to Grace College. When I was deciding what college to go to my senior year of high school, the Lord tugged at my heart to visit Grace and I fell in love!

I have grown and learned so much through coming to Grace, not just in my education, but in my personal walk with the Lord. I love how the professors personally care about you and push you to success. My favorite part about Grace is the Christ-centered community.”

-Brennah Tadeo (B.S. Event and Facility Management/Marketing, 2018)


“Grace College has been such a blessing for me! I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the role this institution has played in my life. Grace does an amazing job at facilitating growth in every aspect—academic, social, and (most importantly) spiritual. My walk with Christ has been strengthened so much by my time here. Whether it’s a convicting chapel, the Christ-like community and its fellowship, learning about the Bible in class, or seeing God’s love in action, I’ve learned and grown so much.

Another thing I love about Grace is the caliber of professors we have. Not only are our professors well-respected in their field and very competent with what they teach, they also care about you as a person. Whether it’s by opening their homes to students for a Bible study, sharing from their personal triumphs and struggles to help us through ours, doing devotionals in class, or praying for us, I am so thankful to have such solid role models and examples of Christ’s love.

I would definitely recommend visiting Grace College and experiencing the unique culture and environment for yourself. It’s truly a remarkable place!

-Juliana Romano (B.A. Accounting/Marketing 2018)


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