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The Grace Core: Education for the 21st Century

What do you look for in a college curriculum? Many students want to feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. Grace College’s approach to education makes it an attractive choice for those who want to take part in a shared experience.

This experience starts from the moment you set foot in the classroom. Every Grace student completes a series of Core general education courses taught from a liberal arts standpoint and rooted in our evangelical tradition. Such courses touch upon the four key human relationships: with God, with others, with self, and with the world.

Each class, regardless of topic, instills the importance of worship and spiritual growth.

Core classes include Freshman Foundations, Exploring the Bible, Christianity and Critical Thinking, Essential Doctrinal Themes, Global Perspectives, Effective Writing and Science Matters.  We are especially invested in how classroom material is relevant to Christianity and intersects with the modern world. The Core encourages the development of character, competence, and service as our students grow as individuals, relate to others, worship God, and serve others.

By learning within multiple disciplines, students will be prepared for the ever-changing demands of the modern workforce and global economy.  The Core curriculum is a collaboration between the Student Affairs department and faculty and instills a curiosity for learning while preparing students to think critically, creatively, globally, and faithfully. With the Core’s focus on interpersonal relationships, students learn from their peers, student mentors, and faculty advisors.

First and foremost, the Core challenges students to embody a Christ-like character. It underlines God’s plan for the ages, as found in scripture, and is consistent with our conservative evangelical heritage and doctrines.  It calls for serving God by applying Biblical values in one’s daily life and in meaningful ministry to others.

Additionally, the Core helps students discover their calling and, empowered by the Holy Spirit, how they might best use their gifts in service to others.

Grace students are encouraged to develop an awareness of diverse global concerns and cultural issues while viewing all social, political, economic, scientific, religious, and environmental issues through a Biblical worldview. They are groomed to respect values and norms relevant to various groups and become responsible citizens through active participation in global experiences, like our Go Encounter trips.

The Core is just one of the many ways that Grace College offers a uniquely 21st-century Christian education, where scholarship and academic excellence intersect with a reflection on the Christian faith. Does this sound like the place for you? Schedule your campus visit today.


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