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Grace College Math Professor Creates COVID-19 Data Visualizations

Kosciusko County Covid Cases

Grace College mathematics professor Dr. Ryan Johnson is creating data visualizations of COVID-19 cases in Kosciusko County and other midwestern localities. Johnson collects data from state and county governments and publishes the data in easily digestible charts online at

“I started creating data visualizations because news about the pandemic sometimes felt too anecdotal or even partisan, and I wanted to view the actual data,” said Johnson. “I have found that keeping myself aware of the numbers has helped me keep a balanced perspective,” he added.

Johnson hopes to grow the project with the help of a small group of students by mid-summer. He believes this project represents what the math program at Grace is all about.

“We value problem-solving and seeking what is true because all truth is God’s truth.  In the math program, we humbly serve others as we seek to emulate Jesus.  My hope is that this webpage serves the needs of others in our community who might need to make hard decisions,” said Johnson.

Grace’s math department always encourages students to use their skills and knowledge to work on real-world problems. Similar projects have been completed by students in the past such as the Baseball Statistics Project by students Kara Godsey and Levi Cain.

For more information about the Grace math program, visit

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