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Grace College Launches New Digital Marketing Major

Digital Marketing in action with professor Elliott

As digital technology rapidly advances, companies are faced with the challenge of keeping up with the latest marketing trends and the subsequent impact on their business.  While companies struggle to find college graduates with the necessary skill set to meet these challenges, digital marketing job opportunities abound. Seeking to meet this demand, Grace College is launching a new digital marketing degree program this fall.


Dr. Jeff Fawcett, Dean, School of Business

“The School of Business offers a relevant and rigorous curriculum focused on developing professional competence and biblical stewardship in our students,” said Dr. Jeff Fawcett, dean of the School of Business and professor of marketing at Grace College. “As with all areas of concentration in the business school, the new digital marketing program has been designed to make students job-ready and ethically equipped to be successful contributors and leaders in the business world.”


Along with core business courses, digital marketing graduates will develop an understanding of online advertising, email and content marketing, social media strategies, metrics and conversions, user interface and experience, web design and SEO.  Students will also be encouraged to obtain the American Marketing Association’s Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) Digital Marketing Certification as part of their course of study.


Graduates of the Grace College digital marketing program will be equipped for positions including internet marketing director, social media manager, digital content strategist, online community specialist and more.


Grace College Instructor of Marketing Erica Elliott in the classroom with marketing students.

Grace College Instructor of Digital Marketing Erica Elliott says the digital marketing job market is “hot right now,” and college graduates in this field are highly sought after in a variety of industries.  “These are desirable, well-paying jobs that make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line and long-term success,” Elliott said.  “We’re ready to train students to meet this demand and prepare for a rewarding career.”


The Grace College School of Business strives to create an experiential learning environment that inspires students to embrace biblically based ethical character, develop professional competence, and demonstrate active service where they live and work. The School of Business offers a myriad of opportunities for hands-on learning, from running your own micro-business on campus to collaborating with local businesses to solve their challenges.  For more information about the Grace College School of Business, or to apply, visit or call 800-544-7223.

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