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Grace College Can Shape Your Future

Old barn at Barnwood Masters

Have you ever wondered about the uniqueness each individual brings to a group? How do the individual traits help a group gel? If the group is too diverse, does that work against each individual’s future goals?

What about their stories? While it’s true that we have a lot in common, we also have many things which differentiate us from one another. For harmony to reign, must we be forced only to celebrate what we have in common?

What Does the Grace Community Look Like?

We recently asked our Grace community some questions about themselves. We wanted to hear some of what makes us unique. Here’s what we discovered.

Students sit around a campfire.

When asked if they were from a small family, 41% of our respondents said they were. When asked the same about the size of their high school, only 29% answered that they came from a small school. We also asked for people to label themselves either as an extrovert or an introvert. They were almost perfectly even, with extroverts edging out introverts 51% to 49%.

Yes, it could be argued we have very little control over these distinguishable details. We have no control over the size of our family, the town we grew up in, nor the size of the school we attended. And it could also be stated that being an extrovert or an introvert is outside of our control.

Yet, it is also true that not all small families are the same. The same is true about towns and schools of similar size. And certainly, being introverted or extroverted should be understood as more of a spectrum. No two extroverts (or introverts) are exactly the same.

These three questions were, admittedly, very general. Yes, they distinguish us, but not to the point where we would feel the need to go our separate ways. The often understood, though usually forgotten, truth is that these differences make us unique. What makes us unique makes us different. What makes us different can cause us to clash with one another. We simply point out the variances to show the diversity, even at one college in one small town.

Future Stories Begin With Unique Pasts

By looking at all the smiling faces on social media, it would be easy to assume that everyone shares a similar story. Same details, same beginning, middle, and end. Because we find other people in a comparable situation to ourselves, we assume their journey to get there was similar as well. When we stop to consider this, we know that not to be true. To illustrate this point, meet Micah Bradley.

Pictured (L-R) are Dr. Jeff Fawcett, Business Plan Competition winner Micah Bradley, and Dr. Al Grossnickle.

Micah took home first prize from in  Grace College’s Business Plan Competition, winning $13,000. Micah is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial management and his MBA through the Grace College blended degree program. He recently started a company, Barnwood Masters, with the help of his father, Tim Bradley.

They created this business after Tim suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. This injury left him unable to do the work he had been accustomed to. But he was able to work with wood, something he had always loved. Now they reclaim wood from old barns and other structures and turn it into furniture.

Being able to create a business using recycled resources is admirable enough. But the vision they have is even more so.

“We may not be able to fix the wood’s history,” said Bradley, “but we can shape its future.”


In a way, that is what we do at Grace College. Students and employees come here from various backgrounds. All of us, in some form or fashion, are broken. Most people would not consider a classic higher education the path to wholeness. Yet the faculty and staff of Grace College care for much more than just the educational needs of each individual.

Grace Can Shape Your Future

Grace College, for example, has brought together many people, students, faculty, and staff. Each one is here to support the vision of Grace. Our recently relaunched website makes those priorities clear. Educational Excellence, Culture of Innovation, Connected Community, and Sustainable Affordability. Those values connect each person within the Grace community.

Tim Bradley is pictured here, working with wood in an old milk barn in Mentone, IN.

Everyone will say they agree the ultimate goal of higher education is to lead to a future career. But each person will differ about how that looks, based on their perspective. After all, the faculty’s purpose here is to teach, while students are here to learn. Consider that Grace has over 70 majors to offer. It’s not hard to see that each student will experience unique professors and classes.

Grace offers a Christian liberal arts education. You can get a liberal arts education from many places. But a Christian education is unique, especially in a world clamoring to give everyone freedom to claim their own truth. Grace College, by remaining steadfast to that which cannot be put aside, is able to walk hand-in-hand with people of various backgrounds and unique gifts.

To learn how to succeed, no matter your field of study, is standard for college graduates. To be able to glorify God through your work is a unique trait in this world. And it is something Grace College graduates can do.

If you would like to see how Grace College can help shape your future, click below and get in touch with an admissions counselor today.


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