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Early Admission: Benefits of Applying Early

Your senior year is filled with so many questions: Where are you going to college? Have you taken your SAT yet? What are you going to do when you graduate? Have you applied to any colleges yet?

Do you really need to start thinking about college already?

For some of you seniors, the answer is yes. Welcome to the beginning of the end of high school. You need to keep working hard to finish high school strong and also start planning for what is next. College may not be next for every student, but for those of you planning on attending college, and maybe even graduate school, the time to apply is now.

Your mailbox, Facebook, and Snapchat may be full of college application news. Some of you may even be working on applications already. So, here are some reasons applying early can be highly beneficial to you as you plan for your future:

  1. Does applying early make a difference? Applying early can help, but it depends on the schools you want to apply to. Some schools have an early decision application (usually binding) for students who have decided their first choice. You have to apply by November and would attend the institution if you are admitted. Not all schools have early decision. Others use an early action application that is non-binding and allows you to apply to multiple schools. Your application will just be considered and you will be notified of admission giving you time to compare your college choices. Rolling admission is another process in which applications are reviewed upon completion and there is a large window of time during which to apply.
  2. Are there scholarship awards for early applications? Some smaller institutions include academic scholarship notification with acceptance letters, and this is especially helpful if financial aid is a large part of deciding where to attend. This is also beneficial since you can now submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in October instead of having to wait until January. Many schools also use early application dates for additional scholarship opportunities such as scholar competitions. Applying early may make the scholarship process easier because you have a list of colleges and universities that you are already accepted to. This is especially helpful for scholarships from outside sources (not the institution) like community foundations, workplace scholarships, clubs and more.
  3. Where does Grace College fit in? Grace utilizes the rolling admission process which means that once your application is complete (test scores and transcript are received), you will be notified within two weeks about your admission and scholarship decision! Early applicants (those who apply by November 1) are considered for the invitation-only Presidential Scholarship Competition for incoming freshman. Competitors are chosen based on GPA and ACT or SAT test score. If you are waiting on your ACT or SAT test score or grades to show your academic progress as a senior, you still can start your application now and add your other pieces as you are ready.

Yes, college admissions can be a little stressful, but there are wonderful people who can help you through the process. Connect with your admissions counselor today and learn how Grace can help you in the college enrollment process!

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