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Dear Incoming Student, Here’s What to Expect on College Move-In Day

College Move-in Day

Welcome to college move-in day!

There are many unknowns surrounding Welcome Weekend, your first year of college, and health and safety in light of the COVID-19 crisis.  The anticipation of college move-in day, meeting your roommates, and saying goodbye to your family can be overwhelming. 

Move-in dayThe first step is knowing that you’re not alone. Here are some thoughts from students who were once in your shoes:

“As a freshman, there isn’t much that seems more intimidating than move-in day,” Shelby Cook, a 2017 Grace College communication student said, “As the days drew closer, I began to feel a surge of anxiety mixed with enthusiasm. I knew Grace was the right place, and I immediately felt right at home.”

“I remember being really excited and nervous!” Josie Adair Ladig, an incoming second-year student at Grace said, “It was a very full day, but being able to meet my hallmates as we all started settling in was good. College move-in day was awkward at times, but I didn’t let that ruin the fun memories!”

As you prepare for this life transition, here are some things you can expect as you begin your first year of college!

The Move-In ScheduleMove-In Day

When you think about Welcome Weekend, you may feel inundated with new names, an unknown campus, and all the events. We’ve put together a tentative Welcome Weekend Schedule for you to review in order to prepare for the coming days. The goals of this weekend are to get settled into your residence hall, meet your floor-mates and breakout group, and learn about what it will be like to live at Grace College.

If you feel overwhelmed by the schedule, or if you don’t know where to go next, there will always be someone to help direct you, whether it be Residence Life staff, faculty and professors, or the Health and Counseling Center. We want this transition to be one of your favorite weekends at Grace!  

The Details

We want to make your journey to Grace stress-free, so preparation is key!  One way to make your transition smooth is to complete all the steps of Virtual Registration (details will be announced soon!).  Your post office box number will be emailed to your Grace email.  At check-in you will receive your ID card, your room key and other helpful information.  

We want to help you have clarity and confidence as we share this new journey with you!

The Experience

Move-in dayBetween the moment you step on campus and the day of your first class, you will make memories that last a lifetime. Here are a few events you should familiarize yourself with because you just might be talking about them for the rest of your life. 

The Hike — This is somewhat of an “initiation” to Grace. Scavenger hunt meets cardboard engineering meets boat racing. That’s right, it’s a combination of challenges you won’t want to miss, and it may require jumping up and down, cheering for your fellow-classmates and running across campus with your new squad. But don’t take our word for it. Hear it from one of our students. 

“The hike is a fun group activity that gives you the opportunity to make friends outside of your regular circle in a relaxed environment,” said Hunter Metzger, a second-year exercise science major.

“The Hike was absolutely insane!” Nikki Knoerr, an incoming second-year student said, “My most vivid memory from that day is when I rowed the cardboard boat my breakout group made through the lake.”

First-Year Follies — This highly anticipated campus event calls on all student leaders (RAs, Students Mentors, Growth Group leaders, etc.) to plan and perform a theatrical show to officially introduce you to campus culture. From the lingo we use to the people we know and love — you’ll learn it all at this event. Oh, and get ready to laugh. 

These are just two of a long list of Grace traditions that set your college experience off to a great start.

welcome weekend

The Safety Guidelines 

As we venture forward, we are committed to keeping Grace a healthy and safe community. So, we have developed a plan in accordance with the State of Indiana and the federal government to return our students, faculty, and staff to campus over the next few months. A few guidelines we will enforce include wearing masks indoors when six feet cannot be maintained, bringing no more than two adults with you to college move-in day, and revising our class schedule for the Fall of 2020. Learn more about it here.

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