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Choosing A Major at Grace College

From the beginning of their senior year until the day they leave for college, high schools students often field the same familiar question from well-intentioned adults: “Where are you going to college and what’s your major?” Many of you reading this have the first question figured out (Grace College, of course!), but you are still wrestling with the second.

Across the country, an estimated 20 to 50% of freshmen enter college without a major declared. Declaring a major is no doubt a difficult, and a very important, decision.

“Choosing a major immediately is encouraged, but it’s not absolutely essential,” explains Alessa Tracy, assistant director of admissions at Grace College. “Students who don’t know what they’d like to study aren’t doing something wrong. With more than 70 majors at Grace, there is a lot to choose from.” According to Tracy, Grace is equipped and ready to help students pair their aptitudes and interests with the right major.

The first step is to get connected with an admissions counselor who can help you narrow down your career aspirations. “If you come without a major, we’ll pair you with someone who can help sort through the options,” said Tracy. “If you discover the area you thought you wanted to enter isn’t for you, we’ll help you choose a different track. Each student’s experience is unique.”

The Center for Career Connections at Grace is equipped to help students intentionally prepare for their careers after college, starting their freshman year. Experienced staff pair students with local internship and applied learning opportunities, help create professional resumes, provide mock interview experiences and more.

Tracy encourages freshmen to utilize admission counselors and the Center for Career Connections from day one. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help,” said Tracy. “We’re excited to help you discover where your abilities fit best!”

To start your journey today, visit admissions or call 866-974-7223.

By Sara Sharik, Senior Admissions Counselor

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