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CCMLK Announces 2020 Program, Keynote Speaker

The Committee to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King recently announced the speaker for the 32nd annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Event.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Kondo Simfukwe, lead pastor at Mission Point Community Church.

Doors open at 11 a.m. and the program is scheduled to run from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Jan. 20, at the Manahan Orthopedic Capital center on the Grace College campus.

Kondo Simfukwe was born in London, raised in Zambia, lived his high school years in Australia and then came to the United States for college. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity with a counseling emphasis from Grace College and Theological Seminary. While at Grace, he met and married his wife, Melissa. Simfukwe and Melissa have five children, four daughters and one son. He is passionate about the call of the local church to champion unity and care for the vulnerable and marginalized.

He prides himself in his dominance of all family card and board games, although this is heavily disputed by his family. He also loves tennis and being outdoors in the world-famous Winona Lake Trails. Simfukwe will speak about how one of the aspects that makes us the same is the fact that we are all so different. He will challenge attendees to see the beauty in celebrating differences while encouraging togetherness.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Event is free to attend and is intended for people of all ages in Kosciusko County. Children are encouraged to participate if they do not have school. There will be free lunches provided for the first 300 people in attendance. The Warsaw Community Schools choir will perform and the JROTC will present the colors.

The CCMLK will also announce the selection process for the 2020 scholarship award, which goes to a high school student in Kosciusko County who demonstrates extraordinary citizenship, exemplifies the principles taught by Dr. King and intends on pursuing a college degree. those interested in applying for the scholarship should contact their guidance counselor or pick up an application at the event.

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