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Better Communication Benefits Everyone

The key to communicating better is to keep at it. Never stop. This is true whether you are learning a foreign language or developing greater communication within a business. Fortunately, Language Matters does both. Language Matters is a company founded by Lucas Fonseca, along with his brother, Arturo, developed to help students learn a second language in a more natural manner.

This is one of the keys to success found in the Language Matters program, something we shared more about here. From the beginning, Lucas Fonseca has been interested in helping people. Now he is seeking to accomplish this through business connections.

Connecting with Grace College was a no-brainer for Language Matters founder Lucas Fonseca. He wanted to work within the Spanish program to assist students in traveling abroad, as well as those wanting to maintain their progress in learning a second language. This service extends to those in the community.

Language Matters is partnering with the Wildman Business Group. They teach Spanish speakers who want to learn English as well as English speakers who want to learn Spanish. As an organization, Wildman values diversity and unity, something shared by all within Language Matters.

Wildman is fostering unity by having their team members go through the Language Matters program. Learning a language is more than learning words. With this investment of time, learners also begin to appreciate the core values of a culture.

These are values held by Grace College as well. For more information, or to schedule a visit, click the button below. Language Matters was created by Grace students and we believe we can equip you to realize your passions.


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