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Meet Tobe Forshtay

With excited eyes and a passionate heart, Tobe is a professor that will get you excited about learning and eager to jump into the field of agribusiness.

We purchased an old farm house in July of 2017. After working with the Historical Society of Kosciusko County, I’ve learned that it was built prior to 1870 and promised us nothing short of an endless amount of fixer-upper projects. On the farm: We have turkeys, hogs, chickens, cats, a farm dog, …and a pet pig. Yes, I said pet.

I am grateful to have earned my MBA here at Grace College. I am a first generation graduate student and use that message to encourage others to go for it. Don't be afraid to push yourself. Work hard and pursue excellence.

A friend got me into hunting and sport shooting shortly after graduation. I’ve enjoyed learning about and improving my skill using firearms. A few years back I joined a few friends for a close encounter, tactical training exercise with a former Navy Seal. That was a highlight for me.

I’m a proud graduate of Fremont Ross High School in Fremont, Ohio. I have lots of great memories of those days in athletics, arts, theater, time spent in church, and with some lifelong friends.

Christ is Lord. I am not. I’m continuing to learn that and am just undone when I consider how gracious and patient He is with me.

I met my wife Jaci at Grace and were married 14 years ago. She is the love of my life, a Godly woman who just so happens to be my best friend. I count it a blessing to do life with her.

Together, Jaci and I have 3 children; Leah, Jacob & Elias. Leah and I connect with music, Jacob with tools, and Elias with Legos. One of our common bonds is found in epic nerf battles. In fact, they got 400 rounds of ammo last Christmas just to even the playing field.

Yes. Coffee please.

I thoroughly enjoy making and eating smoked deliciousness. Beef. Pork. Poultry. The one thing a smoker can faithfully produce is a smile.

We love to take a family vacation every other year near Charleston, SC. Those weeks are filled with wonderful memories of time spent together.

I am the second oldest of 5 boys. We were born close together, a mere 16 months from one brother to the next. Needless to say, we were close to one another in age and lived in a small home so we spent countless hours playing baseball, basketball, roller hockey, and beating up on one another. After any given wrestling match, we would inevitably find something broken on the living room floor. Sorry mom.

Yes, I love a good doughnut. Hard to believe, I know. I’ve been to about 25 Krispy Kreme stores while traveling around the country. This love affair became a natural springboard for an adoption fundraising organization we started in 2015.

I grew up apprenticing a family friend who was a master electrician. Upon graduation of high school, I worked as a full-time electrician and moved into other skilled trades. This led to starting a contracting company. My skills have grown a little rusty, but I’m still willing to jump into new construction or remodel projects… mostly for my wife.

I am grateful for the 10 years I spent at Silveus Insurance Group. There are some wonderful people there who challenged me intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. This organization helped move me in a direction to better understand the business of agriculture. Thanks guys!

My wife and I launched an adoption fundraising organization back in 2015 called Raise the Dough, Inc. We did this as we witnessed a need and felt called to help. To date, we’ve been blessed to partner with 15 families and have witnessed 11 completed adoptions through this amazing organization.

Few things can move my soul like music can. I’ve enjoyed participating in choirs throughout my life and have been blessed to occasionally help lead worship at my church. It brings me joy to see my kids gravitate toward music as well. What’s playing in my car right now? Take Your Place - a CD of our once worship leader Kondo Simfukwe and a group of amazing people worshiping together.

I love the words by John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” It’s true. Leadership is very important to me. My favorite example is found in John 13 as Jesus taught his disciples how servant leadership works. He picked up his bucket and towel and proceeded to wash the feet of his men.

My roots. I was born in Billings, MT back in 1982. I recall mountains, buffalo, bear, and cold, cold winters. We named our son Jacob Montana as a way of honoring my father, a radio personality who used the name “Greg Montana” because it was too difficult to get people to remember Forshtay.

God has been gracious to provide me with a mentor in every season of life. I’m privileged to have been poured into by Godly men and have enjoyed taking a few young guys under my wing over the years. If you’ve been blessed in the same way, don’t forget to say thank you! If you haven’t, perhaps you’re needing to step into that role.

A friend of mine has established quite a reputation for taking a few crazy guys out west to hike up the face of some 14er in the mountains of Colorado. We did two trips together and both stretched me in some great ways. I had a couple of these U.S. Geological Survey medals made for each of the hikers to commemorate the achievements.

This old tool is a story in itself. Through building and burying, I am growing in my appreciation of beginnings and endings. I believe that there is a season for every activity under the sun (Ecc. 3).