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Parents, welcome to the Grace College community!

Consider us your extended family. Sending your student off to college is a big step, but you can rest assured that your son or daughter will be in a safe and engaging environment. We are committed to helping your student mature in Jesus—developing a global perspective of God’s work in the world, focusing on serving others and gaining competence in his or her chosen field of study.

Discover the Grace Community

Discover what it’s like to join the Grace community; what our mission and values are; the services we offer to keep your student spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy ; the available academic assistance we offer; students’ residence hall options; and how to cover the cost of college.

And don’t miss our three-year degree program, where students can earn their bachelor’s degree in nearly any major in three years, instead of four—saving time and money. Plus, find out about how your student can earn his/her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in just four years.

We want to help you create and maintain strong connections to Grace throughout your student’s journey. We’re here to help you navigate the college waters, so feel free to email or call us at (574) 372-5100, ext. 6488 with any questions or concerns.

Parent Resources

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