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Scholarships & Grants

Institutional Scholarships and Grants

Grace offers generous scholarships and grants to over 99% of our traditional undergraduate students. Institutional scholarships require a student to maintain full-time enrollment and are limited to eight semesters (four years) of eligibility. Grace College reserves the right to reduce institutional aid in the event that a combination of federal, state, and institutional gift aid exceeds tuition. 

Students are automatically considered for these renewable merit scholarships and notified when admission is granted.

Federal Grants

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

This federally sponsored grant program is to supplement other forms of assistance for students with significant financial need. The recipients are selected by Student Financial Aid in accordance with the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education. The number and amount of these awards will depend on an annual appropriation of Congress.

State Scholarships and Grants

Students from Indiana, Rhode Island, and Vermont should apply for a state scholarship program. Information and application procedures may be obtained from the scholarship agency of the student’s home state.

Local Scholarships

Be sure to apply for grants and scholarships in your local community. The vast majority of other scholarships come from local organizations that want to help!

For Kosciusko county (Indiana) residents, the Kosciusko County Community Foundation has more than 70 scholarship funds available for graduating high school seniors, current college students and non-traditional students. For a list of scholarships, eligibility criteria, and how to apply, go to the Kosciusko County Community Foundation website.

Other Scholarship Assistance

Many external organizations offer scholarship programs. Students are encouraged to investigate such opportunities. High school guidance offices and libraries often have resource materials listing these programs. Parent’s employers may offer assistance. Eligible U.S. veterans or their dependents may have educational benefits available to them. Handicapped students may qualify for assistance from their state agency. Community service organizations and local bank trust departments may also have funding available. All students who receive outside scholarships must notify Student Financial Aid. Generally, institutional financial aid and outside scholarships cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

Online Resources


Email Financial Aid or call 800-544-7223, ext. 6162.