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Growth Groups

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Grace College Residence Life aspires to see a God-honoring community where every student can fully live, learn, and serve in healthy spaces characterized by authentic relationships, deepening spirituality, and both intentional action and reflection.

“Growth Groups” is a program of Residence Life and it provides an incredible opportunity for each student to deepen in their relationship with God and others in our campus community.  Each traditional residence hall has a staff of Growth Group Leaders (GGLs) who facilitate weekly group meetings for their floor.  Additionally, commuter students are provided connection with a regular growth group through the Commuter Liaisons.  All students are encouraged and welcome to attend growth groups.  Students are required to attend in their first year.

During the weekly Growth Group meeting, students are provided with a guided time of connection around a central theme.  Relationship- building, Bible study, Prayer, Worship, and Faith integration are some of the themes utilized each month.  Participation in growth groups allows students to find belonging among their hall-mates while they learn more about loving God, loving one another, and integrating their faith with relevant cultural conversations.

Every student at Grace is encouraged to participate in a growth group.
First-year students are required to attend growth groups.