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A message from President Katip: Justice and Prayer

A message from President Katip

I have been burdened over the past several years to take a more active personal role to be inclusive, understanding and loving–someone who loves all my neighbors in ways that demonstrates the love of Jesus and amplifies what the Word of God proclaims about ALL those created in His image.

I have watched the news and been heartbroken by the number of disturbing events across our country these past few weeks, especially in the disregard for Black lives in the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. I am grieved by the injustices toward our communities of color and convicted that as Christians we must be allies to those whose voices are not being heard. The hurt and pain is real.

Earlier this spring, I had the privilege of going on the civil rights tour in Atlanta and other Southern cities. I wept then and I weep now. Not enough progress has been made.

Our campus theme at Grace this past year was “Together.” This needs to become our world-wide theme. Here are a few ideas of how I think we can better exemplify that theme right now:

This is a time to speak AND listen more.

This is a time to show kindness, compassion, and support.

This is a time to respond in ways that acknowledge others’ pain and attribute value to them in safe and peaceful ways.

This is a time to understand, not to be understood.

This is a time to pray. 

Pray because we are weak (Hebrew 4:14-15, Romans 8:15)
Pray because we are ignorant (Romans 8:26, Luke 11:1)
Pray because God’s knowledge is perfect (Romans 8:27, 1 Corinthians 2:11)

To my friends of color, to students, faculty, and staff of color at Grace College, I acknowledge the pain of injustices committed against you OR your communities. I value you and commit to be a leader who listens, promotes understanding and learning, and makes strides to improve. 


Posted by President Bill Katip on his personal facebook page 6/3/2020