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10 Things to do on Grace College Campus

Things to do on Grace College Campus

After the classes are done, and perhaps before homework is started, the campus of Grace College offers plenty of opportunity. That’s because we know a variety of activities only serves to enhance the individual. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top ten things to do on campus.

There are so many things to do around campus, to grow educationally, push yourself spiritually, or have fun recreationally. It’s important to find balance, even during the biggest transitions of your life. So be sure you’re taking care of yourself amidst all the chaos of college life. Try out some of these great things to do around campus!

Get Creative

One of the most commonly used rooms in the art department is the art studio. Found in Mount Memorial Hall, it has lots of open air space to help let in as much natural light as possible. In the back is an assortment of couches to allow for comfortable seating as students work. The art studio is a wonderful place for natural light while indoors, which makes it a great place for artists.

Time to Relax

What do you do when you’ve run out of places to study, do homework, or relax? Put up a hammock! Nothing beats a clear day with a soft breeze and some personal time swaying back and forth in a hammock. Hang one between a couple trees on the lawn in front of Indiana Hall, down in Grace Village, or near Winona Lake!

In search of a fresh coffee, a muffin, or an iced cappuccino? Jazzman’s is the place to go! As you sip your sweet drink and eat your snack, you’ll have the opportunity to sit by the fireplace, watch TV, socialize, and study. This on-campus coffee shop, always buzzing with people, is a great place to find new friends while taking some time to kick back and relax.

Dorm Features

Omega is one of the liveliest dorms on campus, so it’s a great place to enjoy the Grace community. There are lots of incredible features that make Omega unique. One of the most exciting things for a college student is a kitchen to cook homemade food in. Fortunately, this is exactly what Omega has! This kitchen is for the entire Grace community to share. Pop in and bake some cookies or make some pancakes. You can even whip up your grandma’s secret recipe with your friends any day of the week!

Another great feature of Omega Hall is the home theater. Located on the third floor, this theater has classic theater seats, lighting, and surround sound. Enjoy a study break to watch your favorite movie with your friends. If you need a fix of your favorite binge-worthy show, you can do that too.

Study Places

The newly renovated Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex has a plethora of new classrooms and study areas. You can find small, plush chairs spread throughout the halls of the building. There are even some private rooms to study with your friends! The new classrooms have nice, fresh whiteboards to write out your notes or plan out a group project.

Need a quieter place to study? In the lower level of the Morgan Library are some quiet study rooms that you can check out at the circulation desk. Then enjoy two hours of quiet time! These rooms are perfect for group projects, as they can hold up to six people. Each room contains a whiteboard to write out any thoughts you may need to jot down. You’ll love the escape from the chaos of campus.

Scattered around the Manahan Orthopedic Capital Center (MOCC) are small spaces for students to work on homework or sit and relax. You can spend time working on classwork or watching Netflix. Camp out under the steps, in the lobby, or in one of the hallway open spaces. Be sure to do this only outside of chapel hour so you don’t get in trouble!

Time to Play

Nothing brings people together quite like sports. Grace has an intramural program with sports like football, soccer, and volleyball. When walking around campus you will also notice disc golf holes sprinkled across campus. And of course, Grace has wonderful club sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track. Plus, there’s always playing your favorite sport with a friend or a group of friends.

Grace College is here to help you prepare for your chosen career field. But along the way, we are also going to provide lots of opportunities to build friendships for a lifetime. Give us a call today and schedule a visit to our campus, where you can check out some of these great places for yourself.


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